Since our inception, Hagen Surveys has worked diligently to broaden our knowledge, leverage technology and build a diverse portfolio of professional land surveying services.

Humble Beginnings

We understand the power of home turf. In fact, our company may just be one of the Alberta Capital Region’s original garage start ups. Hagen Surveys was founded in Edmonton by J.J. (Jack) Hagen A.L.S. and his wife Joyce back in 1967. The business was incorporated in 1982, and later run by their son David Hagen, A.L.S and nephew Roy Maxwell. Throughout this time Hagen Surveys Ltd. has continued to evolve.

These days Hagen Surveys is a 100% employee owned and operated business which is home to 50 dedicated and resourceful employees. We feel fortunate to be surrounded by inspiring people and be involved in a wide variety of projects as we continue to evolve to meet our clients needs.

Hagen Surveys has literally been on the map for half a century. In that time, we’ve continued to gather experience while pushing the edge of our industry’s evolution. From Gunter’s chain and theodolites to UAVs and 3D Scanners, we are focused on maximizing potential and delivering dependable results.

Advance Your Project With Our Skillful Expertise