Over time we’ve carefully designed a mid-sized company that is approachable and agile. It’s a delicate balance that means we can be responsive and deliver value without needless additional layers.

Genuine Links

Trust and confidence are the cornerstones of collaboration. Recognizing the value of lasting relationships, we invest in really getting to know your business. This distinctive commitment translates into unparalleled support and valuable project efficiencies.

Optimized Tools

Using a range of leading-edge geomatics technology, we collect and analyze core information. Along with revealing unique site advantages, our trained eye and meticulous focus facilitate early identification of risks and proactive exploration of potential solutions.

Detailed Solutions

Hagen Surveys enhances every project with data-driven assessments and reliable support from credentialed specialists. Our portfolio of integrated professional surveying services is always evolving.

Exceptional Service

We believe that experience is the best teacher. Fifty years in the field has afforded us the opportunity to work collaboratively with inspiring leaders across multiple industries. Hagen Surveys has a deep understanding of client needs and project complexities as well as an enduring drive for results.

Leading Vision

Over time we’ve continued to hone our approach while unlocking value with knowledge, experience and precision technology. Not only are these skills key differentiators, they are also great mobilizers of opportunity beyond traditional boundaries. Hagen Surveys is eager to be a part of bold new ideas, discovery and the pursuit of excellence.

Advance Your Project With Our Skillful Expertise